• Pulled pork with shredded vegetables in a bun
  • Cinnamon roll and a mug of latte coffee on a plate
  • Ham, egg and cheese croissant sandwich
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About Us

 Michael  and Holger Seibert graduated from the same high school in a small town near Saarbrucken, Germany. For three years, they served as apprentices in a bakery owned by Seibert's father. When their apprenticeships were completed they had earned bachelor's degrees and decided to further their education by taking the proper business courses in order to earn their respective Master's degrees.

In 1989, while vacationing in the USA, Miethe began entertaining the idea of opening up a German-style bakery in the States and bringing a taste of German baked goods to the people of America. After considering various locations, he decided on Califonia, more specifically Vacaville, as it was home to a large European population because of nearby Travis AFB.

Once back in Germany, Miethe shared the idea with his business partner and soon the two of them were making the appropriate steps to start the business. After plans were made, Seibert moved his wife and three children from Germany to Vacaville to meet up with Miethe who had moved there three months prior.

The doors to Pure Grain Bakery officially opened in the spring of 1991 with the help of Kathrine Feldman and the late Glen Miller of Glen Miller Real Estate.

Since its doors opened, Pure Grain Bakery has been very successful, serving clients ranging from small corner cafes to large, university campuses. Much of its success is due to its employees and its valued customers.

In late 2004, Pure Grain will see its first expansion with the opening of the Pure Grain Cafe in Town Square in downtown Vacaville.